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What is I-VDO?
Quite simply it's an enhanced video player that turns your content into a business tool. It allows you to gather analysis of your viewer's interactions with your content and understand their behaviour in a way that has not been previously available from other video players. And if ROI is your concern, one regular customer says I-VDO offers more qualified leads than any other marketing tool.
How Does it Work?
As soon as you've purchased your I-VDO licence you're ready to start managing multiple interactive video projects. Your video editor allows the application of interactive video functions via an easy-to-use CMS. Once the functions have been applied and your video published, every click, every hover, every viewer response is then gathered in real-time and presented in a bespoke dashboard.
Fully Functioning
I-VDO offers a multitude of interactive functions that allows you to meet your video's objectives. Services include: pathing (let the viewer choose the content they want); multiple-choice questions; data input and much more. And if it's business leads that you're after, simply add a contact form. Online business video need no longer be like watching TV!
What's Your Business?
We believe that I-VDO is the best business video player on the market and it's ideal for: training; e-learning; software demos; marketing; lead generation; shopping; polling and research; quizzes and competitions. But we like a challenge, so tell us what yours is...
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